Johnson Girls

So a few things that I didn't account for on this session.
1. The bridge is beautiful but the slots in the bridge were big enough that a large adult could squeeze through. (NOT GOOD FOR RUNNING CHILDREN).
2. The second location had the greatest light and the cutest fence, until a girl going 80 (seriously) hit the guardrail right across from where we where shooting and mom's stress level went WAY up..okay, mine did too, but think about this, everyone stayed safe, they had great outfits on, and I had a large bag of candy.
GREAT OUTFITS + CANDY = makes all the bad go away...right? Love these girls!



Sarah said...

These are so cute!! Can't wait to see the rest of the Cali Pics! Glad you all made it home safe! Wish me luck.....still don't have outfits figured out and we are down to what?.....2 days?!!! GRRR!

Sharon said...

Love, love, love these! Can't wait to see more. The girls are so beautiful, and location is great. Nice!

ShOrt StoRy said...

Love these...everything, the lighting, outfits, girls, everything!!!

Mandy said...

These are really pretty Ally! The girls look amazing!

Peterson Clan said...

Oh Johnson Girls!!! You are all soo gorgeous and photogenic!! These pictures are such gems!!! Love them all!! :)

Ryan and Rebekah said...

What beautiful little ladies! Such sweet sisters. Ally....great lighting and location as always - amazing!

Helene Michaels said...

Oh, how I wish I hand a handful of gorgeous girls for a gorgeous photo shoot... This is such a great location, and I'm loving how these turned out. Fantastic job, Ally!