Peterson Family...{San Diego Family Photographer}

I know, I am behind. These next few are from my San Diego mini-sessions last Oct.
Wait, did you say LAST Oct? Yep, I did...right after I got home from shooting these bad boys I found out I was pregnant and the sickness came..and pretty much didn't leave until I delivered.
These are one of my very bestest friends children. I love her, I love them. Here are a few of my favs.

Baby Time...

I am super excited to have my last little baby in 2 weeks and 4 days. :) Yes, I am counting down.
Obviously I have been terrible at blogging but this baby has made me pretty dang sick for the WHOLE 9 months. I will resume shooting after baby is born and I spend some time with my family.
I will be doing some small sessions in Utah end of July. I can only take 2 more, so if you are interested let me know.
August is booked for Portland, and the first part of Sept. If you need senior pics or holiday/family pictures please contact me soon!
This year is going to be about my little ones! ;)
I will post pictures when Charlotte Kate arrives... happy summer time to you!
Wish me LUCK!

Nay Family...{San Diego Family Photographer}

Man, I always have the most adorable families...beautiful parents, beautiful kids, and a few Matilda Jane dresses, and we are in business.
This is another California mini-session...most of my clients do Christmas cards along with their session and I have to say it was one of my favorites!
Thanks Nay family...anytime you want to come out and play golf in Oregon, I have a good connection! :) (and us girls will shop, I also have a few connections there!)

PS. Business news!!! I am booked solid through June when I start my maternity leave. Any new sessions need to be in Aug/Sept. You can contact me if you want more info.


Waldron Family....{San Diego Family Photographer}

This is one of my favorite families. Seriously their kids are just beautiful,(not that the parents are real shabby either).
So not only do I love shooting them, and hanging out to see how big the kids are, but they just happened to be my very first customer when I started.
I told Missi (the momma)that I needed a beautiful family to practice on and she graciously said yes. It just happened that she was pregnant we got to do maternity, newborn, and family Christmas cards all in about 3 months.
I will never forget that she took a chance on me when I started and she has since referred many a customer this way. Thank you day if you ever want to sell a child I am first in line. ;)
You can see their starting sessions here (umm, just reminder that I was just starting, try to ignore the neon colors and crazy blues) ;)
and here and here and here woo, we've come along way...newborn cards, christmas cards, baptism cards and everything in between.
Love you guys...sorry it took soooooo long. ;)


Kolb Family {San Diego Family Photographer}

I know, many of you have seen this lovely family on FB, but I am going to put a serious effort into blogging the next 12 families from Oct thru the present.
I wish I could say that at 24 weeks pregnant I feel better..but sadly that is not the case. I am still super nauseous which is soooo fun! I am very excited for our little girl to arrive this summer. Until then, I will make a valiant charge to blog more. (you've heard this right?) I promise.
This is the start of my mini-session in the San Diego area. I love the light down there, it's been interesting learning the difference between San Diego, Salt Lake, and Portland, but it keeps me on my toes.
What a beautiful, California can see more on my FB page.