Printing SALE!

In honor of MOI actually finding a house to live in in 5 days. Yes, you heard me 5 days...crazy when I spent 9 months in Utah and didn't even find one. (HA)
I am giving my clients 50 percent off my PRINTING!
You heard me...50 percent off anything I do!
The sale ends Jan. 31th me celebrate, and get cool stuff from your shoot!
Questions? Email me:

SIDENOTE: I am looking at Feb 20th to be in California to hit me some Disney. I can only take 2, possibly 3 families that day...somewhere close to Disneyland..maybe Newportish.

Packages would be something like this:

$150-3 on disc
$300- 8 on disc, 2 11x14, 3 8x10's 5 5x7's.
$400- 15 on disc, 1 16x20 gallery wrap canvas, 3 8x10's and 7 5x7.

Interested? It fills up fast...crazy but true. :)

Adams Family

You know it's bad news when people actually email and tell you to start blogging. Lots of changes coming in 2010. New pricing, some weddings, a new job, and all that fun stuff.
It's been a nice little holiday break, and now as I go to Portland to find a house, move my little business again, and start anew...I look at this cute family and realize how many great friends and clients I've met here in Utah that last 8 months.
They live just down from my parents where we have been habitating the last few season (that's a WHOLE other story), and their daughter is great friends with my Ella. We will miss them, but hope that they will have a giant urge to visit the Pacific Northwest...because hey, who doesn't like trees that have moss growing on them?
PS-I just may be in California again for a little Disneyland love..if you are interested in a session with your family let me know. I'll only be taking 3-4.