Waldron Family....{San Diego Family Photographer}

This is one of my favorite families. Seriously their kids are just beautiful,(not that the parents are real shabby either).
So not only do I love shooting them, and hanging out to see how big the kids are, but they just happened to be my very first customer when I started.
I told Missi (the momma)that I needed a beautiful family to practice on and she graciously said yes. It just happened that she was pregnant too...so we got to do maternity, newborn, and family Christmas cards all in about 3 months.
I will never forget that she took a chance on me when I started and she has since referred many a customer this way. Thank you Waldrons...one day if you ever want to sell a child I am first in line. ;)
You can see their starting sessions here (umm, just reminder that I was just starting, try to ignore the neon colors and crazy blues) ;)
and here and here and here woo, we've come along way...newborn cards, christmas cards, baptism cards and everything in between.
Love you guys...sorry it took soooooo long. ;)


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