Jen...{Utah Photographer}

In honor of Labor Day I decided to take this opportunity and labor. Honestly, I am so far behind at this point that I thought I would share my favorite 4 pictures of each group so I don't feel overwhelmed. (too late)
So, Jen is a stunning, SINGLE, student at BYU...(my brother thinks she is hubba hubba). Smart, stylish, single, and sweet. Can you beat that combo? I think not. Can you count all of the S's I just used?
These are just because pictures..or more pointedly, because her mom wanted them.
Jen- you have BIG things coming your way..and I hope if you go to New York, that I can come stay with you for weeks at a time. ;)


Missi Waldron said...

That is one hot chick and I wish I was her sister ;). Seriously beautiful.

Jen Bug said...

Wow, thanks for talking me up so much, you're too kind! Now if only I could get some guys in Provo to read this...;) I had a blast with you, and I know why my sister loves you so much! Thanks again!

Peterson Clan said...

Of course she is Missi's sister!!! Now it all is coming together for me!! haha Gorgeous!! I esp. loved the last one with the peachy tones, love the lighting! Great Job!!