Sagiao Family....

A long time ago when I was back in oh, say 9th grade. I had this best friend Chantil. Chantil and I used to pass notes like a sport. You remember the folded little notes that had "pull here" written on the little flappy part? It really was an art form all in itself... the folding of those notes. Then someone would come along and do something really crazy like the square ones or the little origamy ones, and you'd get all jealous because the only ones that you could really make were the ones that had the little "pull here" tab. (sigh)
Anyway, there was this period of time that we used to write subliminal messages in our notes in tiny writing over the original message. We'd say things like "I am the prettiest friend you have", or "you are coming over to my house today", or "I am waaaay funnier than everyone else".
I really don't remember why we started this, but we really pulled our note writing to a higher level I believe. (these are the best pictures you've ever seen)
Definition of subiminal messages?? Words or messages communicated at a level below the conscious mind's ability to perceive
(oh my goodness, these pictures are amazing) HA.
So the Sagiao family trouped all the way from warm California to take pictures in freezing cold Utah in December. I love big families that have such a love for each other, they can mess around, make fun of each other, and realize that in the end it's all about making mom happy. And we know that when the mom is happy so is everyone else. And seriously, these picture make me smile.
ps-moving to 10 days. Wish me luck.

Made you smile didn't it?


ShOrt StoRy said...

TOTALLY made me smile...(you are the best photographer)...see I get you with the subliminal messages
(you think I am super funny/cool and cute!)

Shanda said...

Good luck with the move missy! I love those pictures the colors look great. So much love.

Peterson Clan said...

I LOVE this family!!! And you just made me fall in love with them all over again thru your lense!!! You have such an amazing talent Ally!! Love you and love the whole "note passing" story as well!! haha Those were "The Days"!!! Do you like me? check Y or N....:)

Kellee Smith said...

Such a cute session. So candid!

Anonymous said...

Ally... It was so great to meet you at Julie's workshop. And you totally made me smile. Not only your pictures, but your writing - it's totally like having you here in person (especially your information blurb on the right...I was crackin up) Best of luck on your move!

Sharon said...

This is one of my top favorite families in the universe, so it's fitting that my top favorite photographer shoots them... Great job, Ally!