Winners of the client contest!

Winner of the FIRST PRIZE:
Mandy Lynn Newbold
(really how could you not win with this picture,and since she's so hot now, I'm sure she'll love this..actually you can see her family pictures when I post them on Tuesday!)

Second Prize:

Suzanne Sumida
(This is a great one...and in the spirit of all things 1980's)

Third Prize:
This is going to be two people because we drew their name out at the same time, and hey, I was feeling generous! :)
Jennifer Peterson
Sharon Ellis
(Hmmm, it's a toss up to see who's hubby has an uglier picture. But I believe that the skiing picture has a definate edge, THANK YOU MR. MILLS)

Thanks to all who participated! I had a great time laughing at your pictures, and all very well deserved!

Ladies contact me and we can discuss your prizes!


ShOrt StoRy said...

seriously? KRistian, and newbold family and Ryan with his helmet driving? SO DANG FUNNY!!!!!! Love it!

Kristian said...

Yeah I finally "one" something!! (Sharon will understand that)And in the great honor of my dashing and oh so sexy "ski bunny" husband!! I love it!! But I have to say Mandy and Suzie that is a great look for the both of you!! haha Thanks Allyson!! That was FUN!

Peterson Clan said...

Sorry...I just noticed the above comment is looking like Kristian wrote it..but you all know it's JP!! :)

Suzanne said...

Woo hoo! I"m so excited to be a winner! I never win anything and winning something from Allyson Randle Photography is the BEST!!!! My 80's hair served me well. :-)

Suzanne said...

I forgot to commit on the other 2 beauties. Mandy...I don't have words. You are a beautiful woman and Devin is loving that picture! Kristian...oh my! HOT!!!

Sharon said...

Okay, I'm going to be a good sport and congratulate First and Second place winners...But I hope it's based upon "" because otherwise, I don't believe that my picture didn't win "ugliest." It is way uglier than cute Mandy and 80's Suzanne. But I suppose I'm so happy to be spared the world seeing it. So, thanks for that Ally. (And now you are under major instruction not to show it since I didn't win - okay?....)

Congrats to you all! And I'm still so glad I pulled out Ryan's picture at the last minute. Who knew? He seriously wore that helmet for miles and miles while we were driving...And Third place ain't bad when it's something from Ally.

Thanks for the great fun!

teri said...

KRISTIAN! holy cow. That is the most amazingly 80's hottie pic i've ever seen. coulda been a saturday night live skit based on it!