The "the economy is tough, but I still need Christmas cards" Special!


I love a good sale! Here's my contribution for your holiday season (i know it's still September, but if it's good enough for Costco, it's good enough for me!)

Package 1:
I hour session
50 christmas cards (5 x 7 double-sided with envelopes)
5 images on disc

Package 2:
45 minute session
5 images on disc
you do your own cards dang it!

Or if you want a bigger package-more images, and some prints- you can take 25% off any package on my website!

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Peterson Clan said...

How funny, I totally thought that this was one of your contests again when I saw that you said "Quick..."! So I did!! haha Thanks for using my awesome christmas card from last year!! Love the title of you post! But not as much as I love you!!! :)

Sharon said...

I'm spreading the word...Megan is so happy she's getting her pictures taken with you!!!! I wonder if I can pull off another package with this new special? Hmmmmmm.

Helene Michaels said...

I love your cards and annoucements, Ally! Can't wait to see more. And yes, the card you used for an example is super impressive! Nice.