Starting my website...FINALLY!

Now with the Christmas card RUSH behind me..I am finally starting to build my webiste. I should hopefully have it up and running in the next 2 weeks. It will be (sigh).
Thanks so much to all the great families in California (and Utah) that had me do their cards for them. I can't wait to jump straight into 2009!


cyndi said...

Hi my name is Cyndi I am Hillary CRump's cousin. Hillary talks about you all the time. So I have totally been following your blog--- all your amazing photos! I am guessing you took off your cards you made because someone tipped you off that people copy your cards-- I know Skye is always telling me she has to be super careful their are always photographers out there trying to steal and copy ideas.-- I wish I lived down by you because then I could have you take my daughters pictures. Okay so my daughter is getting baptized in a few months and I wanted to make a photo announcement- Could you tell me where you get your double sided cards printed- Do you also know who prints on that pearly type paper. it is pearly on both sides. Ant way I am sure you are super busy but if you have a chance to help me that would be great thanks Cyndi
cbccreations4u at gmail dot com

Julie Parker said...

Congrats on the website! Thank you so much for the cupcakes!!! I should have had you bring them upstairs to me because I only got ONE!!!!! I like the white background better with your logo btw!