How to Succeed??

To start a new business is certainly not an easy road. I realize that I may have many failures before I find my own brand of
success. I read this advice today, and it sums up how I feel about this next chapter in my life....
"The best part about the
journey to success is that it is a journey - a very interesting journey, in that
there are no roads, no maps, and nobody around to ask for directions. But
instead of thinking of this type of journey as too difficult to make, imagine
a journey that can be planned out exactly as you wish, and tailored to fit
your changing circumstances. If a road on this journey is needed to get to
a particular destination, but does not exist, all you have to do is wish it to
be so, and it appears. The road can be long and winding, or direct and easy,
but either way, the journey to success is a creation, much like the creation
involved in anything else we start."

My journey started 2 1/2 years ago when I had my stillborn daughter Kate. Photography changed the way I saw my just a few captured pictures it was all that I had , that documented my short time with Kate.

“ Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it
is a thing to be achieved.” Winston Churchhill

Live life in "Full Bloom!"

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Rachel Grimmer said...

How inspiring. Thank you for lifting my spirits. :)

Much love, Rachel Grimmer
(Missi's friend)